please do not stir

I tend to develop cravings for very specific foods that can last for years before, inexplicably and abruptly, they fade only to be replaced by the next craving. In college, it was plain bagels, toasted, with plain cream cheese. This was the beginning of the bagel craze, which, as with most trends, had reached the west coast before my little home town in New Mexico, so I basically discovered bagels in the cafeteria of my freshman dorm. I had a bagel with cream cheese and a glass of orange juice for breakfast every day for three years.

In med school, it was Post shredded wheat--not frosted Mini-Wheats but the giant, rectangular biscuits that come in little paper packets--with sliced strawberries. Hmm, I'm noticing a theme here; maybe my cravings tend to focus on breakfast foods? But the thing is, I find myself wanting to eat these things all day long, sometimes multiple times per day.

Currently, my obsession is Fage yogurt with strawberry.

If you've never had Fage yogurt with strawberry (in which case, you poor, poor thing), it's a Greek yogurt with little resemblance to its watery American cousins. Fage yogurt has a texture more akin to sour cream; it holds its shape on a spoon. And the strawberry. Oh, the strawberry. It comes in its own separate little compartment, shaped perfectly for a teaspoon, and is a perfectly sweetened concoction containing large bits of real strawberries.

When eating Fage yogurt with strawberry, keep one very important guideline in mind, as stated politely on the side of the carton: "Suggestion: Please Do Not Stir." In contrast to how you might treat an ordinary fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, do not recklessly mix together the yogurt and strawberry, for you will miss out on the full flavor experience. Instead, the sequence that I recommend is as follows:
  1. Scoop up a small portion of yogurt onto the tip of a teaspoon.
  2. Next, gently plunge the spoon into the strawberry, thus creating a thin layer of strawberry around the yogurt.
  3. Place spoon into mouth.
  4. Slowly slide spoon contents onto tongue, savoring the exquisite juxtaposition of delicately sweet strawberry and luxuriously creamy, velvety yogurt.
My daily breakfast presently consists of a cup of tea and one of these divine yogurts. It makes me happy to see them stacked on my refrigerator shelf, and I start to feel insecure toward the end of the week when my supply is getting low. Honestly, on some days, it's only knowing that I get to have a Fage yogurt with strawberry that gets me out of bed in the morning.


  1. Your forgot to mention how you save all the containers! Is the strawberry what you moved onto? You used to just eat regular Fage yogurt right? With honey and granola or something like that. Maybe I'll try the straweberry kind when I come to visit you in about a month. Love and miss you!

  2. Yes, the plain with granola and honey craving was supplanted by the yogurt with strawberry craving! But I kept the old containers from the plain yogurt, so now I have two collections. : ) That's probably a story for another post!

  3. Have you tried Oikos Greek yogurt? I am in love with it with a drizzle (OK, huge glops) of honey.IHM

  4. OK, I bought Fage this weekend and tried it tonight. It was very good as reported, definitely higher quality than my usual Dannon Fruit on the Bottom, however, I have a pure sugar sweet tooth, so I ran out of strawberry. This will horrify you, but to keep the proportions balanced, I just refilled the compartment with raspberry preserves.

  5. Fage yogurt made another appearance this weekend. I made a fig tart, which recommends Greek yogurt as an accompaniment. Excellent combination!

  6. Mmm, Grace, your dessert sounds divine! Glad to hear that Fage played a part.

  7. Hi Maisie --

    I know this post is years old but I just stumbled on it. I'm soooo addicted to my Fage 2% Cherry. I'm doing the p90x workout/diet and my daily Fage is literally the highlight of my day. Yes, the strawberry is tasty (peach and blueberry less so), but I am a cherry girl! Unfortunately my diet involves balancing percentages of protein/carbs/fat and I'm always a little low on the fat side so I go with Fage 2%. Otherwise, I'd be getting the Cherry Pom daily. That stuff is ADDICTIVE!

    Loved reading your blog, thanks for sharing your obsessions!

    1. I am also straight up addicted to Fage 2% with CHERRY!! 💘.

  8. I'd been wondering about the "Do Not Stir" suggestion for a while now, though it seems to be much more about texture than flavor.

    I have an obsession with the Fage with Honey, though my sequence is a little bit different:

    1. Scoop up a small portion of honey onto the tip of a teaspoon.
    2. Next, plunge the spoon into the yogurt, thus covering that golden goodness with the tangy pleasure of Greek yogurt.
    3. Place spoon into mouth.
    4. Slowly slide spoon contents onto tongue, savoring the exquisite juxtaposition of sticky sweet honey and luxuriously creamy, velvety yogurt.

    Thanks for your post!


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