jasper blue

sachi, here's what you really got me for my birthday

For a while now, I've been using a simple, zippered pouch as a wallet. After digging through it yet again to find something (on this particular occasion, a train ticket), I decided it was time for something more structured - a proper wallet.

But I didn't want anything too big, just something large enough to hold my most frequently used cards, a bit of cash, and a few coins. After some searching, I found just what I wanted.

wallet 1

It has pockets sufficient for organizing and readily locating its contents, yet not so many as to be bulky. It includes a zippered section for coins. It has a sweet little pyramid-shaped closure that turns with a satisfying snick.

wallet 2

What really got me, beyond the wallet's practical features, was the color, a hue called "jasper blue." As you might be able to tell from this very blog, I'm kinda crazy about this color. Now I know what it's called. And I get to savor it every time I pull out my wallet.

wallet 4

The wallet is by Kate Spade, which I'm kind of embarrassed to admit. I love most of her stuff (some of the more flamboyant designs are too much for my sedate tastes), but it's generally way beyond my price range. However, I discovered the wallet was being offered by Endless.com at a substantial discount and that Endless - which is a storefront for Amazon - accepts Amazon gift cards. Sachi had given me an Amazon gift card for my birthday with the plan that I'd use it to buy books. I decided she wouldn't mind if I used it to purchase a wallet in jasper blue instead.*

Thank you, Sachi! I love it.

*Far more frequently, this happens the other way around: I plan to buy something else and end up buying books . . . .

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